The artists

Andrius Petkus

Andrius Petkus is a sculptor from the small tourist town of Palanga. He is a pioneer and promoter of sand sculpture in Lithuania, but also works in other materials such as ice, where he also expresses himself in conceptual sculptures.

David Ducharme

David Ducharme is from Canada. Until he turned 15, he moved every two years with his family. It taught him to appreciate what he has and to appreciate the diversity of people. For many years, David traveled the world with a project where they planted trees, and in 2003, his budding talent as a sand sculptor resulted in a world championship.

Leonardo Ugolini

Leonardo is an experienced sand sculptor with 20 years in the profession. He is self-taught and has traveled and exhibited all over the world. He routinely works with both large-scale sculptures and fine details, where three-dimensional perspectives, optical and infinite compositions challenge the eye.

Susanne Ruseler

Susanne has studied animal behavior and ecology and worked with sand sculptures since 2003. The fact that the works are perishable makes them even more amazing for Susanne, and the sand is her favorite material when she travels the world as a full-time sculptor.

Engurrand David

After a high school art education and a year of study in animated film, Engurrand studied art history and building archeology. He has a master's degree in the preservation of historic cities - and in 2001, sand sculpture became his hobby.

Helena Bangert

Helene is educated in Amsterdam in modern art. The sand allows her to express her creativity through figurative storytelling. She loves working with performance art, where the audience sees how the artists' feelings and ideas come to life.

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