This years theme

The Middle Ages on Bornholm: the upper and lower worlds

The king scowls towards Hammershus, where the archbishop rules. The fishermen fight against the sea while the knights fight against each other. The beauty maiden lifts her skirt, but the chastity belt sets its limits. In the burial mound, the underground party when they are not fooling around with the people of Bornholm. The theme is the Middle Ages on Bornholm: the upper and lower worlds. The sculptures, which will depict local stories from the area and will be inspired by the folk tales of Bornholm, have been created by the world’s leading international sand sculptors. We are proud to welcome you to Nexø Sand Sculpture Park, where everything is created in moist and clayey Bornholm sand, sand and sand again.
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About us

Nexø Sandpark has started with the desire to create an attraction that can create life at the local port – with a view of the world. The festival is both fun and inspiring, and there is plenty of opportunity to create your own sand sculpture. On the square, children and childish souls can unfold their creativity with various activities and immerse themselves in the sand. The café offers refreshments while the kids enjoy themselves in the sandbox